Independent Publishing Resource Center, is a membership-based center for writers wishing to self-publish. (They also had a table at Wordstock.)  The Trust recently toured IPRC, which had moved from 1200 square feet to 4000 square feet to accommodate its many types of printing presses, as well as a computer lab for digital media and a library for zines (with a curator partly funded by the Trust). 

According to the IPRC, the attraction to digital versus handbound books among writers does not follow obvious age demographics. Young writers and artists are showing increasing interest in publishing as a visual as well as a literary art, with many authors using both media to sell their work. 

IPRC’s new space serves as a hub for writers and digital or hand letter publishers to meet, brainstorm and collaborate. Open-space conference tables and an upstairs lounge make this industrial inner Southeast Portland space a gathering spot for literary artists looking to make their work available to the public.

The Cultural Trust recognizes the literary arts as an art and humanities discipline and is proud to have granted IPRC in FY2013!