Thank you for your interest in hosting the Oregon Poet Laureate.

To request an appearance, please complete this form. Please allow time for us and the Oregon Poet Laureate to review your request and respond, usually within two weeks. If your request is honored, more details will be shared about hosting the Poet Laureate. Anis’s final term as Oregon Poet Laureate will end in May 2024, and he will make his final public appearances as poet laureate in April. Please keep this in mind as you make your request. The new Oregon Poet Laureate will be announced in May 2024 and will begin reviewing appearance requests soon thereafter.

Anis is interested in hearing how you’d like to bring poetry to your community. This could be a traditional poetry reading; it could also be a workshop, opening remarks or poem at a ceremony, an installation, an interactive public engagement experience, or another meaningful activity for your organization and community. Please share your ideas in the request form.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Oregon Humanities at

To see upcoming public appearances by the Oregon Poet Laureate, please visit this calendar. Please follow the Oregon Poet Laureate on Facebook for news.