Wren Community Club

Mission statement: “To foster community spirit and provide a building for community activities.”

In the late 1930’s members of the Wren Community Club (WCC) built a community building with donated land, materials and volunteer labor. The original 50¢ lifetime membership fee to the Wren Community Club still stands in honor of those good folks who made this community so inviting and friendly. The Hall was used for years for community events, indoor basketball and as the local voting site. However, it fell into disuse and was finally rented out for use as an indoor horseshoe court for regional players.

In 2005, the Wren Community Club decided that the Hall would better meet the communities’ needs if it were refurbished and made available to the community. Through grant funding we now have a well, running water and indoor restrooms! The kitchen has been updated, the original fir floors refinished, the lighting improved, a stage built, the building was painted and a wheelchair ramp added.  Most of this work has been accomplished by local volunteers.  Fund raising for ongoing upkeep and improvements continues and we hope that by being a participating member of the Trust it will encourage gift giving that will benefit all.

The WCC fosters community spirit by maintaining the Wren Hall for local and public use.  The WCC sponsors community events i.e. dances, book club, game night, garage sales, disaster preparedness meetings, fire safety meetings, farmers markets and a Christmas market. We also have the building available to rent for private uses such as weddings and meetings.