Willamette Jazz Society- DBA The Jazz Station

The Jazz Station currently serves as the only jazz venue in Oregon outside of Portland. Our club has been a mainstay for over 15 years located in the heart of downtown Eugene. We are a 70-seat capacity non-profit all-age venue that offers musicians, students and community members a neighborly, intimate place to share in the musical moment, not unlike the storied clubs where the spirit of jazz originally blossomed. We reside on the downtown Eugene entertainment corridor; between The Shedd on one end of Broadway St. and The Contemporary Theatre located on the other.

The venue is operated by the Willamette Jazz Society, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and powered by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers. A community of over 120 members provides the core of support through monthly memberships. Audiences at The Jazz Station are known to be active and respectful listeners, and open to a diverse and eclectic calendar of musical offerings during the year.