Save the PT Boat

Save the PT Boat, Inc.was established in July of 1995 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, formed by a group of gray-haired ex-PT boaters to take custody of an historic relic, PT658, a World-War II motor torpedo boat, and restore it to original operating condition. Save The PT Boat, Inc., operates and displays the PT658 in the Pacific Northwest as a recognized historic monument as well as a living memorial to all those who manned, fought, serviced and maintained these small warships during the second world war. As of 2012 PT658 has also been named to the National Historic Register by the National Park Service.

The organization has accomplished quite a lot, with a work force of dedicated hard working volunteers, except when specialty trades are needed. Restoration and maintenance is an on going project, but the organization still needs help for a new Educational/Heritage Museum and as well as for those additional restorations and maintaining the boat and other items.