Samoa Pacific Development Corporation

Our mission it to serve the community through educational and economical resources and cultural empowerment. Our vision is to create an inclusive community that celebrates Samoan culture, increases equitable access to opportunities, and empowers members to create a vibrant, healthy and just society. Our values include:

  • Honor our ancestors by preserving Samoan culture & language
  • Treat each other with mutual respect or “ava fatafata”
  • Impart systemic change by advocating for social justice, equity, and inclusion
  • Support our Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian partners in their efforts to strengthen and empower their communities
  • Stay accountable to our community members, leaders and partners
  • Stand in solidarity with BIPOC and LGBTQ allies and all who experience oppression and hardship
  • Create an environment where people are valued and live life with dignity