Minh Tran & Company

Founded in 1997, Minh Tran & Company performs a body of dance works celebrated for it’s singular fusion of traditional Asian and contemporary western techniques. Spanning architectural, cultural and social contexts, the company’s repertory reflects Mr. Tran’s fascination with personal identity, popular culture, geography, and the compelling interplay of eastern and western traditions.

Minh Tran & Company frequently collaborates with leading Northwest musicians, designers, composers and visual artists to create powerful dance works, unique in both style and content.
The company provides an array of residency and educational activities including master classes, workshops, school assemblies, and lecture demonstrations emphasizing the technique, style, cultural context and movement philosophy characteristic of Mr. Tran’s repertory.

Minh Tran & Company aims to promote artistic dialogue and educational exchange with audiences and communities through the use of artistic expression as a catalyst for breaking down cultural and racial barriers. Minh Tran & Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization.