We are excited to introduce our new 98,000 Square Miles of YES video!

The video reinforces the energy, empowerment and statewide commitment of the new Cultural Trust brand. Oregonians are fueling culture in every landscape, county, city and town. And the Trust exists to support them!

Thanks to all of the cultural nonprofits who submitted imagery for the video. We wish we could have included them all. And kudos to our Grady Britton creative team – we think they did a great job capturing the beauty and breadth of Oregon culture.

Featured in the video are images from Restore Oregon, Oregon Ballet Theater, Youth Music Project, Fort Rock Valley Historical Society/Homestead Museum, Oregon Maritime Museum, Broadway Rose Theater, Tower Theatre, Pendleton Center for the Arts, Clatsop County Historical Society, Oregon Symphony, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Folklife Network, Beaverton Arts Commission, Ten Tiny Dances, Profile Theatre, Washed Ashore, Caldera and more!

Remember, you fund the Cultural Trust. We, in turn, fund the potlatch, weavers, poets, ropers and dreamers who make Oregon, Oregon. Double the impact of your favorite cultural donation for FREE!