April 15 is tax day, and those who gave to the Cultural Trust last year may have received (or be expecting) an Oregon state refund or lower tax liability because of their charitable giving and Trust match.

Please let us extend another thank you to all our donors for making 2013 a stellar giving year! Because of you, we raised more than $4.1million last year, a 4.3% increase over 2012 donations and the most the Trust has ever raised in a single year. As required by Oregon law, 42% of our donor dollars are distributed as grants, and 58% are saved in the Oregon Cultural Trust, a permanent fund for the arts, heritage and humanities, now at over $21million. 

Once you get that refund, we hope you will consider turning it around and making your Trust donation early this year. There is no need to wait until December 31! Gifts received before June 30 still affect the amount the Trust can award in grants, come July.