Kim Stafford will travel Oregon to share the powers and pleasures of poetry. Schools and local organizations in each community will collaborate to design a visit that provides contact with the broadest possible range of readers and writers. And back home, Kim will create online resources for writers, readers, teachers, and others across the state.

In partnership with local sponsors, Kim will offer readings, writing workshops, school visits, and conversations, with an emphasis on unusual venues in cities, small towns, remote schools, libraries, museums, and venues in communities where poetry can serve in pragmatic ways. With guidance from local sponsors, he will offer opportunities for writing and reading poetry in response to essential questions, local treasures and customs, issues and untold stories. Where there is interest, Kim will host generative writing workshops for anyone with an interest, and discuss ways local writers and teachers can support one another to sustain their on-going work.

Kim will generate and gather local poetic texts to create a set of online resources for Oregon students, teachers, librarians, parents, children, ministers, veterans, and others who need poetry. A poem can be a pleasure to read, but it may also be a tool for facing specific challenges in life, and beyond that a poem can be a lively prompt for further writing. To this end, Kim will post Oregon poems on his website together with a description of how each poem came about, and an invitation for how to write something similar. The website will become a school for creation in poetry by anyone with an interest. In addition to teaching materials Kim has developed over the years—learning from fellow writers right along—the website will host a set of Oregon mentor texts with accompanying writing prompts for use by Oregon schools and citizens.