Your Donations at Work across Oregon

98,000 Square Miles of YES

Oregon's unique culture surrounds us…sustains us…helps us grow. It plays a crucial role in the lives of Oregonians, in our economy and our future. The Oregon Cultural Trust supports organizations and programs throughout Oregon that improve access to culture.

The Oregon Cultural Trust supports our unique culture that is found in local museums, historic cemeteries, at a dance performance or creative writing workshop, at an Oregon Chautauqua lecture in a local library, and at one of Oregon's 40,000 archeological sites. It can be heard in tribal languages and oral histories, in Shakespearean verse, in the music of a marching band or symphony. It can be seen in thousands of galleries, in native basket weavings, and in public art installations throughout our state.

The Oregon Cultural Trust works with five Cultural Partners: the Oregon Arts Commission, the Oregon Historical Society, the State Historic Preservation Office, the Oregon Heritage Commission, and the Oregon Council for the Humanities.

We also direct funds to Oregon's 45 county and tribal Cultural Coalitions that award local grants in their communities and act in a grass roots way to support access to culture throughout the state. We also award annual competitve grants to applicants for cultural projects here in Oregon.

Oregon offers a unique tax credit for the support of the Oregon Cultural Trust. Please consider making a gift to one of more than 1,400 qualifying non-profit organizations and a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust in order to claim your tax credit and support culture in Oregon.