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Flexible marketing materials are available below to help promote the Trust and our work to your supporters. If you don't see what you need, please contact us.

True to our mission, recently we recruited talented Oregon artists and musicians to help spread the word.

Logos and Advertising

Cultural Trust Logos

These logos may be downloaded for print publications. If you would like an .eps logo or have any other questions regarding Trust logos or ads, please contact us.

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Horizontal and Vertical Advertisements

Please contact us with any questions or requests regarding Trust ads (see sample).

Free Marketing Materials

Learn how you can increase coverage of the Oregon Cultural Trust and our grants program in your local newspaper, in magazines, on television and on the radio.

The Cultural Trust works in partnership with nearly 1,400 arts, heritage and humanities nonprofits across Oregon and we rely on cultural nonprofits to communicate with their patrons, board, donors, staff and community about the Trust and the rewards of cultural philanthropy.  The Trust has created marketing materials to assist your fundraising. The current suite of materials is limited as we introduce the new "This is Culture" images and encourage more electronic communication.  What we have available is offered in whatever quantity you need (where available), at no charge to you.

To request fundraising marketing materials please contact us.

How to Become A Trust Communications Partner

Trust Fundraising Marketing Materials

Fundraising inserts (limited quantities still available of the following)



Fundraising Tools and Tips

Learn how the Oregon Cultural Trust can help you raise money for your cultural organization through increased donations and gifts. Cut and paste into your end-of-year solicitation letter, annual newsletters, e-newsletter or add a P.S. to your donation confirmation page.

Sample special end-of-year reminder to cut and paste into your e-blast/newsletter or post-script to your solicitation letter

The Oregon Cultural Trust is our state’s thank you gift for your generous support of [insert your organization's name]!

Donors who contribute to Oregon cultural nonprofits, including ours, then make a matching donation to the Trust, can receive a 100% state tax credit on the Cultural Trust donation, up to $500 per individual, $1,000 per household and $2,500 per Class-C Corporation.

The more donations Oregonians make this year, the more dance and theatre productions, museum exhibitions, preservation projects, in-school writing programs, summer arts and philosophy camps, community concerts and festivals our state will be able to fund next fall. Thank you for your support; now please consider a gift to the Cultural Trust!

Requesting a Guest Speaker and Talking Points

Contact us to request a Trust representative to speak at: an opening; board, staff, volunteer or parent orientation meeting; fundraiser or grant announcement; local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary or other community event. 

Are you already scheduled to speak? Try our Cultural Trust Power Point, or use the talking points below to help with your presentation.

30 Second Talking Points

The Oregon Cultural Trust enriches the life of all Oregonians by increasing access to cultural activities across the state - library and museum programs, concerts and dance, educational outreach, preservation projects, and more. The Trust also supports Native American and county cultural coalitions, helping them to preserve, revitalize or expand arts, heritage and humanities projects locally.

Culture has a multi-million dollar impact on Oregon’s economy.

The Trust is unique in the country, and it makes me proud to be an Oregonian.

The icing on the cake is our tax credit: Any Oregonian who donates to the Trust and qualified cultural non-profits gets both a tax write off AND a tax credit!

Are you a donor?

3 Minute Talking Points

The Trust, with its unique infrastructure and grant program, fuels the economy:

  • The Trust supports 1,400 cultural groups that brand Oregon globally, attract visitors to our state and employ thousands.
  • Oregon culture, and these 1,400 organizations, create jobs that stay and grow in Oregon.
  • Culture makes Oregon an important tourism destination and a competitive location for business development.
  • The Trust increases philanthropy in Oregon, requiring donors to give to nonprofits, then to the Trust.
  • Trust grants must be matched, attracting additional investment in culture.
  • The creative economy is thriving in Oregon, in part because of our cultural treasures and reputation as an “incubator” for creativity.

The Trust engages Oregonians:

  • The Oregon Cultural Trust is inclusive; Oregonians participate voluntarily, at the level of their choosing.
  • The Trust grants significant projects for outreach statewide, including to small, rural and hard-to-reach areas.
  • The Trust’s local funding system of county and tribal cultural coalitions supports culture in all parts of Oregon.
  • No other state has such a network of cultural assets and advocacy.

The Trust supports programs that inspire our children:

  • Over 500,000 young Oregonians are touched by cultural programs each year.
  • The Trust has granted over $14 million since 2003, filling gaps in diminishing arts education funding through in and after-school programs, summer camps, student internships, artist residences, writers’ conferences and library programs.
  • Nearly 1/2 the projects granted by county and tribal cultural coalitions go to education programs.
  • The Trust’s permanent fund is a critical vehicle for future generations to access the rich cultural experiences that Oregonians enjoy today.
  • The Trust Leads and Innovates in Government.
  • No other state in the country has a cultural funding mechanism like the Cultural Trust.
  • No other state has a local funding structure like the county and tribal cultural coalitions.
  • The Trust supports 5 cultural partners statewide – Oregon Humanities, Oregon Arts Commission, Oregon Heritage Commission, State Historic Preservation Office and Oregon Historical Society – with annual granting.
  • A unique tax credit lets the Trust function as a private-public partnership, with 100% of donations going to grants or a permanent fund.
  • The Cultural Trust’s budget impact is minimal, less than .0006% of the state’s overall budget ($16billion).
  • The Oregon Legislature recently reauthorized the Trust tax credit until 2020; with that vote of confidence and the support of so many citizens who advocated for it, the Trust can continue charting Oregon’s cultural course for the next several years!

Information for Tax Preparers

CPAs, tax attorneys and accounting professionals can learn more about how the Cultural Tax credit works to greatly benefit your clients and businesses.