Cultural Development Grants

Cultural Development grants support significant cultural programs and projects.


The Trust's annual competitive grant cycle for arts, heritage, history, preservation and humanities nonprofit programs has opened. Grant guidelines for FY2017 Cultural Development grants are posted. Applications must be submitted online by 5 pm Friday, April 22, 2016. 

Cultural Development grants are for project activities that occur between August 1, 2016 and July 30, 2017 that:

  • protect and stabilize Oregon's cultural resources;
  • expand public awareness of, access to, and participation in quality cultural experiences in Oregon; 
  • ensure that Oregon cultural resources are strong and dynamic contributors to Oregon's communities and quality of life;
  • build an understanding of the value and impact of culture to Oregonians.

Cultural Development Grants recognize and support significant cultural programs and projects through four grant categories:

  • Access: Make culture broadly available to Oregonians
  • Preservation: Invest in Oregon's cultural heritage by recovering, preserving, and sharing historic assets and achievements
  • Creativity: Create and/or present cultural or scholarly work; Support the development of artists, cultural experts, or scholars who promote culture as a core part of vibrant communities
  • Capacity: Strengthen cultural organizations to increase stability, improve sustainability, or measure/share cultural impacts

The Trust's non-competitive grant programs fund the Trust's five statewide Cultural Partners and 45 county and tribal Cultural Coalitions.

In considering funding requests, the Cultural Trust seeks proposals that will expand the public benefit of Oregon's culture through:

  • positive impact on, or improvement of cultural resources and activities and expansion of public and private support for culture;
  • preservation of the past or investing in the future, by commissioning new work that continues Oregon's strong artistic, literary and humanistic presence;
  • enhancing cultural opportunity and understanding by creating or sustaining model programs that can be replicated elsewhere; and,
  • by creating opportunity for every community to invest further in its culture, stimulating new ventures that could not be tried without Trust help.

FY17 Cultural Development Grant Panels:

Thursday, May 26th: Capacity

Thursday, June 2nd: Creativity

Thursday, June 9th: Access

Thursday, June 16th: Preservation