Stock Contributions

The Oregon Cultural Trust is happy to accept contributions of stock.

In order for the Cultural Trust to accept the stock, you and/or your broker must contact the Oregon Cultural Trust to make the transfer. Otherwise the donation may not be properly credited to the Trust.

Contact Aisha McCoy at or 503-986-0259 and provide the following information:

  • Donor's name and contact information
  • Broker’s name, and phone number
  • Name/Trading Symbol of Shares
  • Number of Shares
  • Anticipated date of transfer

This is the information your broker will need to make the transfer:

  • The Oregon State Treasury
  • State Street Bank & Trust Co.
  • Broker ID: 75353
  • DTC: 0997
  • Account Name: Oregon Cultural Trust
  • Account Number: 597x 

Once the gift has been transferred to our account, our bank will sell the shares and report the amount of the proceeds to the Cultural Trust.  We will send you a letter acknowledging the gift, and include the name of the stock shares, the number of shares received and the average price of the stock on the day it was received in our account.  We recommend that you confirm the number with your tax advisor.

You may claim an Oregon tax credit for the amount you contributed to the Oregon Cultural Trust Fund (up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples, or up to $2,500 for corporations) provided that you made equal or greater contributions to one or more qualified cultural organizations in Oregon in the same tax year.

If you have any questions about gifts of stock, please contact Aisha McCoy at or 503-986-0259.