Assessing Cultural Resources at Kilchis Point

In 2011, a Cultural Trust Development grant was awarded to the Tillamook Pioneer Museum to perform a cultural resource assessment to identify, verify, honor and protect the Native American presence at Kilchis Point, a contiguous 200-acre parcel of land stretching ½ mile along Tillamook Bay near Bay City, with the goal of developing interpretive trails that will highlight local Native American culture and enjoin more recent white settlement.  This assessment has turned up some archeological finds, including the following:

A prehistoric fishing weir found on Doty Creek
This fishing weir has been carbon dated to almost 400 years ago.


Archeologists at the base of an uprooted tree                 Carved pole found at Kilchis Point
looking for signs of prehistoric habitation                      Dating and determining history and purpose of this pole is ongoing


The Tillamook County Pioneer Museum has begun to develop their trails at Kilchis Point and hopes to be installing bridges across the wetlands this summer. Please call the Museum at 503-842-4553, visit our blog at, or visit our website at for more information or to schedule a tour.


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