The Trust Future


Oregonians sustaining, developing and participating in our arts, heritage and humanities.


To lead in building an environment in which cultural organizations are sustained and valued as a core part of vibrant Oregon communities.



  1. Increase appreciation of Oregon's arts, heritage and humanities.
    1. Build widespread understanding of the value and impact of culture to Oregonians.
    2. Increase the relevance of culture by strengthening the brand (awareness and visibility) of the Cultural Trust.
    3. Beginning with Trust leadership, develop statewide advocates for culture across Oregon.
  2. Expand access to and participation in culture.
    1. Support the growth and capacity of county coalitions, and nurture state, regional, and local partnerships, including public-private ventures, to strengthen and protect Oregon’s 1,400 nonprofit cultural organizations.
    2. Work with cultural partners collaboratively to maximize access to and support for culture statewide.
  3. Improve support for Oregon’s arts, heritage and humanities.
    1. Steward the Trust as a protected fund for the State of Oregon.
    2. Develop strategies for annual growth of giving to the Trust.
    3. Increase public and private support for culture using incentives for the development of new funds and resources.
    4. Address and support significant opportunities to advance, preserve or stabilize cultural resources.
    5. Work with cultural partners to support significant cultural legacy projects.
    6. Increase grantmaking so Trust grants are of sufficient size to support major projects in all cultural disciplines and in all regions of the state.